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As a multi-disciplined team, we fuse experience and expertise with the latest tech to be the premier Sports and Event branding provider. With our in-house superwide print capabilities we deliver 360 branding solutions for stadiums, venues, exhibitions & events with the capability to pivot into retail, festivals, TV and movie production.

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With 21 venues and 21 training centres, the Rugby League World Cup 2021 was bigger and better than ever before.  And with 64 live games to manage over a 4 week period, we worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that every aspect of the tournament was branded to perfection.

From the changing room branding to the Cazoo 3D pitch painting, we left no stone unturned in our efforts to create a truly immersive experience for fans and players alike. With over 1200 perimeter boards and 48 interview backdrops, we ensured that all event and sponsor branding was visible at every moment of the tournament.

Services - Event Branding, Superwide Print and Venue Dressing.

Branding - Tier Branding, Mesh Scrim, Feather Flags, Match Day Assets, Floor & Wall Branding, 3D Pitch Painting, Carpet Printing.

Rugby League World Cup

The Rugby League World Cup brought together the best teams from around the globe for a thrilling and unforgettable tournament. As the chosen branding partner, HD spared no effort in ensuring that every aspect of the tournament was executed flawlessly. 

I’d like to say a huge thank you for all HD's hard work over the last 2 years. Countless hours of calls, planning, tweaking, and manufacturing all led to a really good tournament. 

It was really amazing to see it all come to life. It has been great to work with a partner who has bought in to and understood our ambitions. 

Everywhere we have gone, people have commented on how good the venues look, so thank you for all of your collective efforts.

2021 - 2022
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